Host a Table

If you are an official Table to Action host, chances are you have already participated in a Table to Action gathering. Ready to host your own table? 

Be sure to check the website in the coming weeks to find additional resources for convening your group and facilitating rich conversation!

Ten steps to get started:

  1. With a hosting partner consider group of 5-8 folks with whom you would like to break bread within the Atlanta justice world. The best tables bring together current and new friends who, like you, care about making a wider way for love and justice in Atlanta and long to work across lines of difference on a range of issues to make change.
  2. Pick a location. Tables can be convened in whatever location suits you — a home, a church basement, a classroom, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a park. We encourage you to be creative. Think about a setting that will be accessible, inclusive, and comfortable, and that will provide an opportunity for honest and engaged conversation. Think about the kind of table you want to set, and how the location can contribute to your vision.
  3. Pick a date. Fear long email threads negotiating time and date? Try And remember: you may not be able to find a time when everyone can be there. That’s okay!
  4. Send out an Invitation. Once you have a date, time, and location, send out a Table to Action Project Invitation with all of the details.
  5. Get the food and drink, or make a reservation. Think ahead about the atmosphere you want to create and how to make the gathering festive and beautiful.
  6. Once you’ve gathered your Table, use the discussion and facilitation resources as a starting point for conversation. But let things unfold organically, too.
  7. Take pictures and notes at the Table gathering. Share these with us, and share them with your networks on social media. Use the #Table2ActionATL hashtag.
  8. Let us know how it went, and be sure to share new ideas that emerged and experiences that other Table hosts might learn from.
  9. Send us your receipts so that we can reimburse you. (Note: Applies to official Table to Action hosts only.)
  10. Begin dreaming of your next Table!


  • Funds to support your gathering
  • Table to Action Project dinner invitation email template which includes a link for your friends to sign up
  • Table to Action Project discussion prompts & hosting resources